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Turtle Landing Retreat

My father lived in this beautiful house for over a year. As much as he loved it, it was a little big for him.  However,  Dad didn’t want to give up the home.

Friends had told me about retreat homes opening up around the country.  I loved the idea. Having been on several retreats myself I knew exactly what would make a great retreat home!

I also know how important it is to getaway and recharge your batteries. After a girls’ weekend of great food and laughter, I come home refreshed and ready to take on the world.  I’m a better wife and a better mother from having the experience.

I envisioned havinSLOW Life Downg a  retreat where I could offer this type of rejuvenation to others. A place to come when the world gets crazy. A spot where the view is gorgeous and inviting.

Turtle Landing Retreat is that place. A place to s-l-o-w down your life…relax, recharge and return to the world a better person!
And Dad’s BBQ? That is just an added bonus.  Dad has always loved to BBQ and would love to share some of those secrets wiJamie and Dadth you. It’s quite possibly the best BBQ food around. At least I think so and so do many others.

The story of Turtle Landing is about an exceptional father who believes in his daughter, no matter how crazy her dream might seem. And it’s the story of a daughter who knows that with her father standing beside her, she can accomplish anything. Translated, we make a great pair.

What does that mean for you? You are going to get a great place to stay and unwind, fabulous food and return to the world a better person, too!

Everyone wins at Turtle Landing Retreat ….so come and stay with us. How about this weekend?